Saturday, October 31, 2009

|-| Sasuke |-| Right on the Floor |-| Lemon |-|

For zephrReme. Enjoy

Mika pushed herself harder against Sasuke and tried to kiss back with the same intensity. She snaked her arm his neck and put her other hand in his raven hair. Sasuke’s tongue ran over her bottom lip, and Mika granted him entrance. His tongue rushed into the hot cavern, glazing the area over with saliva. A moan could be heard arising in Mika’s throat. Sasuke smirked into the kiss and pulled away from the black haired girl below him. He kept his hands on Mika’s hips and Sasuke’s onyx eyes meet her reddish-brown. Sasuke kissed down from Mika’s jaw to her neck and shoulder, all of the kisses open mouthed. Mika released a small moan near her should blade. Sasuke smirked on her skin and started sucking there.

Mika let out small noises of satisfaction and pressed herself against Sasuke again. He then pulled down the straps to Mika’s small black dress, just below her breasts, and kissed down farther. Sasuke kissed the valley of her breasts, moving to the left. He came to Mika’s nipple and took it into his mouth, sucking long and slow. Mika’s breathing became more ragged as Sasuke continued this action. She arched her back and pushed Sasuke’s head farther into her breast. Sasuke let out a low chuckle and switched breasts, giving the right one the same treatment.

After Sasuke was satisfied, he moved back up to Mika’s face and kissed her passionately. While Sasuke was preoccupied with kissing her, Mika pulled down his pants. Sasuke shoved his tongue into Mika’s mouth, not even asking for permission this time. He rubbed their tongues together roughly, and Mika sucked on his tongue teasingly. Sasuke then felt cold air hit his member and he shuddered.

What the fuck…? Sasuke looked down to see that Mika had removed his pants and boxers while he was kissing her. Mika smirked against his lips and pressed herself against him, feeling his member poking at her lower stomach. Well if she wants to play that game…

Sasuke pushed Mika roughly against the wall and wrapped her legs around his waist. He bit her lips roughly and Mika whimpered lightly. Sasuke ripped off the silky material of Mika’s dress and flung it on to his living room floor.

Mika broke away from the kiss. “That was my favorite dress!” she cried.

“I’ll buy you another one…” He whispered huskily and nibbled on her ear. Mika shivered at the lust in his voice, but grinded her covered womanhood against his bare manhood. Sasuke let out a loud groan at the friction and thrust into Mika’s open heat. He continued to thrust into quick, seemingly frantic motions that sent shivers up both their spines. While Sasuke continued, Mika unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his body. She brought her hand up and pinched his nipple playfully. Mika twisted it slightly and started sucking lightly on the other one.

When Mika was satisfied with her work, she came back up and kissed Sasuke again. But, Sasuke was growing tired of all the foreplay. He ripped off her panties and shoved himself into her in one motion. Mika gave a surprised yelp of pleasure and Sasuke kept thrusting into her. Soon, there was a rhythm going. When Sasuke moved his hips up, Mika dropped down onto him. This caused the groans and moans to become louder and more erotic. After a couple more minutes, Sasuke gave a yell and Mika felt a warm sensation in her. She looked down at Sasuke, who had stopped thrusting and was blushing a slight pink, curiously.

“Why did you…?” Mika trailed off before realizing what happened. Sasuke had come before her. She got a wicked smirk before coming off of Sasuke and pushed him onto the floor. Sasuke was looking at her oddly, obviously not realizing, that, yes, Mika needs to release too.

Mika put her legs on either side of Sasuke’s hips and fell onto his member without any warning. Sasuke took in a sharp breath as Mika rode him fast and hard, trying to reach her own release before Sasuke again. It only took a couple more minutes before she, came long, hard, and screaming. Sasuke came right after her, loving the offhand spasms of Mika’s body. Mika came off of him, curled up against his chest and fell asleep, right there on the floor.

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